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9 mrt Wedding fever | by Amy

The wedding season is about to start. I should know, with my own wedding only a few weeks away in April. With so many things to think about and organise, your hair style can be easily overlooked. You’ve had all your attention going on choosing ‘THE DRESS’, don’t forget about the total package.

As a hairstylist myself, I have of course thought long and hard over what I wanted to do with my hair. Questions you start asking yourself like, ‘what will go well with the dress’, ‘what suits me the best’ and ‘will HE like it!’ Don’t worry ladies that’s what your stylist is here for, to give you advice and guidance to find the perfect look for you.

This year’s trends give many opportunities to be creative whilst still staying true to yourself.

  • Flower Power – finish your look of with fresh flowers to match your bouquet. They will add a natural elegance to any nonchalant style.
  • Braid Away – last year our ‘Boho brides’ and ‘festival-goers’ used braids everywhere. This year its back but for every type of bride, combined with a veil to add that chic touch.
  • Low Loop – messy buns and knots in the lower neck are ‘HOT’, for a casual modern version of the classic chignon.
  • It’s All Beachy – messy waves can be styled by pinning some parts up, or just let them fall loosely to enhance the natural beauty of a bride.
  • The Veil – Hair accessories are big this year, any type of veil or head wear that suits you. This can be placed within a hairstyle to wear the whole day, or just for a small part of the day. Ask your stylist to show you how to remove it without ruining your hair.
  • The Bow – this is not for the shy bride. A casual tied ribbon in your hair style will give you the ‘catwalk’ bridal look of the year.
  • Classic Twist – the classic hair up styles are still very much in, but now with a modern softer twist. It doesnt need to be neat anymore. Which is far more relaxing for the bride, no more stressing if a hair falls out of place.
  • Ponytail – a simple ponytail with some movement in the hair will add a classy but relaxed feel. Sitting comfortably in your hair until the early hours of the morning.

When you know your wedding date, book an appointment for a trial session. I recommend this so you can discuss with your stylist and try out some styles. From my own experience, it’s all very exciting so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Enjoy every moment of planning and take it all in. This is one of the happiest and fun times in your life, so ladies let’s get busy creating your perfect bridal look.

Intrigued as to which style I’ve chosen? Stay tuned to our blogs!

Lots of wedding love from Amy


Bridal packages available at Arena Kappers –

Hair-up                                                                                     50.00

Make-up                                                                                    30.00

Hair-up trial                                                                              65.00

Make-up trial                                                                             35.00

‘I DO’ package – hair and make-up inclusive 1x trial      170.00

‘I DO’ hair only                                                                         110.00

An early begin time or styling on location is possible at an extra charge.

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